Software Remove Master

* View all details of a certain application installed on your computer.
* Quickly open programs install folder, company site or support site.
* Display programs in 3 different views (Icons, List and Details)
* List all installed programs, system updates and screen savers quickly
* Completely takes the place of Windows Add/Remove program which can't uninstall the programs completely.
* It will not show the program in the program list as soon as the program is uninstalled
* Software Remove Master scans deeply into your computer.
* Remove the files, folders, registry entries that were left in your computer.
* Backup the registry info of all installed program.
* Add the comments for selected program in the registry.
* Export any program uninstall information to reg file.
* Clean up remnants program files and reg keys after uninstalling.
* Ability to uninstall screen savers.
* Create a full report for the installed programs and save the report to a text file.


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